About Me

Back in the dim and fairly distant past someone put a camera in my hand and I discovered something that has kept me in equal parts entertained, amused, frustrated and getting up ridiculously early in the morning or staying up late throughout most of my life.

It's a hobby that has turned into a passion, constantly striving for the perfect shot. The need to eat and keep a roof over my head has got in the way just a little but i always find time to follow my passion of photographing nature whenever and wherever I am.

I'm fascinated by wildlife and the countryside in all seasons and all it's beauty. I was raised in the countryside and never tire of it's ever changing moods. I have captured images of many beasts, bugs and birds but have also panoramic views, plants, flowers, everyday life, local events and special occasions.

Local for me is Kent but I also enjoy travelling around, always with a camera or two close at hand.

I am not a professional photographer just an amateur man with a camera, but I would like to share my pictures with you.

Feel free to contact me with comments or requests for any information.

I can offer prints of any size or format currently available. Also photo gifts such as mugs or calendars and more. All prices on application.